Topic: If I buy a ps4 pro will I be able to transfer my data from the OG ps4?

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If I upgrade to the PS4 pro, will I be able to transfer my digital games over to the pro? Or will it remain as long as I use the same account (email, etc.) that I use for my original ps4 and I just re-download all of the games again?



If you have an external harddrive you can just put your games on there, plug it into PS4 Pro and you'll be all set. If not, you can download your games again, they're tied to your PSN account.



@yell0wman Yeah you can just log into psn using the same details and download em again. I have to do that if i go and use my dads ps4 and wanna play any of my new games.

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@yell0wman I am fairly certain that when I upgraded mine, you can literally transfer all your content from your old PS4 to a PS4 Pro. You just need to be able to keep them both plugged in and have a LAN cable.

It was a bit of a fiddle as you need them sitting close to each other and to swap the HDMI around as you go from machine to machine. It took me an hour or so but literally everything I had downloaded on my PS4 OG was transferred over to the Pro without downloading again.

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As others have said, there are a few options open to you. The easiest course is by purchasing an external HDD - that option wasn't available to me - transfer all your games and then plug it in to your Pro. I opted for the LAN method which required my PS4 to be hooked up to my router and the router to the Pro and transferred everything via that method. You also have the option to re-download any digital games or re-install any Physical games too - just back up your game saves to the cloud if they aren't already.

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As long as you have both, you can connect the two with an Ethernet cable and transfer ALL of your data that way. It's very very easy, but it seems to take about an hour for roughly 500gb of data.

When you sign into the new PS4 Pro, it will ask you if you want to transfer your old stuff. It will walk you through the process. You don't need to keep the old PS4 connected to your TV even.

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Yeah the external hdd is probs the best option if you have one. I transferred over about a dozen games over and it only took about 30 mins. Don't think you can use your ps4 thought, downloading you can do it in the background.

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of course you can, just do a data transfer but make sure you don't do what my mate did he did it the wrong way and wiped his PS4 clean of all data

he lost everything and he wasn't a PS+ member at the time either

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Hey guys, I ended up buying an 8TB external hdd thanks to the info here. I absolutely love that I won’t ever have to delete another game to make room.

I’ve noticed that each game still leaves behind some console specific data so will this be a problem when I connect the hdd to the Pro console I’m getting this week? Will the small files just download into the new console when I sign in?

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