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Hi I am looking for games that are similar to Souls/Bloodborne and have heard Nioh is the closest thing you will find. I was thinking of getting that. Is the DLC for Nioh harder than the vanilla game? Is Nioh/Nioh's DLC the closest thing you can find to Souls/Bloodborne or can people recommend other similar games that are just as good? And by that, I don't mean the super-tough 2D games you can play that people say are good for Souls/Bloodborne players, I mean on the PS4/PS3, and I already know about Ninja Gaiden Black.

Phew, I hope that says it all.

Thanks guys!

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Nioh is Soulslike but unlike the Dark Souls games it isn't open world but mission based, you pick a mission from a map, complete it and return to the map. As for DLC difficulty I don't know, I got the plat and moved on before any DLC came out.

The Surge is a good alternative, kind of a mostly indoors world and the environments are pretty meh but the combat is excellent and I hung onto it long enough to play the DLC which was good. I know you said no 2D games but Salt and Sanctuary is basically a 2D Dark Souls and it's excellent. I highly recommend that game to any Souls fan.



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