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Weird, I'm starting to see Tales of Berseria show up as a 'PlayStation Hits' title around online stores now, but I don't think there's been a formal announcement about it so far. I also didn't know that the game sold well enough to be included in the program. It's apparently going to be re-released at the end of the month (25th January according to one store).

Not that I'm complaining since I've actually wanted to pick this game up for a cheaper price. I just don't know whether to believe this or not, but three online stores in my country have already put up a new page for the game with an updated 'PlayStation Hits' picture so it seems fairly credible. Although I thought that games for PlayStation Hits usually come out in bulks, which is why this feels weird for me.

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Man I hope in March or April we get some first party showcase event or video showing off and giving dates of all the announced first party games. I get sony is in PS5 mode but this radio silence is killing me.


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