Topic: Game freezes for a few seconds and then controller just stops working.

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I just got black ops 4 yesterday and something weird happens where mid game the game will freeze and return after a few seconds but my controller will stop working and my game sound dissapears. Ive looked all over the internet I didnt find any results with people with this problem and also cant post on the playstation forums for some reason. I doubt its a black ops 4 issue. I believe its either a ps4 problem or my controller. My controller is really old and maybe I need a new one. Im scared if I buy a new controller and this problem is still a thing then I would just be wasting money. If anybody has had this problem and knows the solution or have any ideas on how to fix this that would be really nice.

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@get2sammyb I use my TV speakers and its happened when my controller is plugged in and when its not plugged in.



@get2sammyb Just tried it in two other games and it didnt happen. Maybe it is a black ops 4 problem but I cant find anybody else with this issue thats weird.



Have you tried contacting Activision other Treyarch with this problem to see if it's related to Black Ops?

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@Superkid2005 Try your controller with the game on another console, or try another controller from a friend/family on your own console, to determine what is faulty.

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