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I'm having a bit of an unusual hardware problem, and was wondering if anyone else has experienced this / has a solution.

My DS4 is all of a sudden unable to connect wirelessly, whether the PS4 is on or on stand-by. It is, however, able to connect to the system using a micro-USB cable, and continues to work perfectly well when the cable is removed (so not a battery/bluetooth problem). The PS/Home button is also perfectly functional. I'm thinking it's maybe a firmware issue?

Perhaps also worth noting that I've never experience problems with the controller before, and it's the one that came with my console (a < 1 year old PS4 Pro) to begin with.



@Buizel Not sure it's exactly the same problem but a couple of times over the years I have had a controller not connect to my PS4 suddenly I have just reset it. I did this by putting a pin the little hole under the left triggers for a few seconds then connecting it with the usb cable again. After that it worked fine.


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