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Anyone try this yet? I tried last night, but I couldn't get in. Not for a lack of trying. The servers were full so I waited 20 minutes or so. Then I made my character and was on the loading screen for another 15 minutes and gave up. Hopefully the next time I'll actually be able to play.



This is just a free version of Monster Hunter, right??

...I'll stick to Monster Hunter.

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I can see why no one is commenting, if they are having trouble logging in like me. When I last tried to log in it said an estimated 180 min wait. No thanks. I guess it also means it's very popular. Maybe it's time they up their server count.



I haven't tried it yet but I plan to once I'm done getting all of TD2's event loot.

I used to experienced that too in FFXIV:Reborn when it launched. Although, not as long as 180 mins. Maybe it's just an rough estimation but in actual fact you really don't have to wait that long?

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Huntin' monsters erryday.



I have been playing this game everyday since launch and never had an issues logging in or getting games.



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