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A new map has been announced Junkertown which will be an escort type map. I can't wait for it as the Trash mouse is one of my favorite characters to play as well as Road Hog in certain situations.

There is a short now out for it.

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@Tasuki Is that the full short, I've read there'll be another proper one in the style of all the others.
I'm not fussed though, I enjoyed it and am excited for the new map to come into circulation.

Also some changes announced for next competitive season trying to make it a bit fairer on placements and match making.
In addition, KotH games will be best of three not best of five in future seasons.

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Havent played this in two weeks.
Last season was a total drag and the last 2 events were super hard to get all the skins i wanted.
Since you dont get duplicates anymore its worse than ever.

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