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Hey guys, I'm looking for the biggest jump I can do on a motor cycle. I'm trying to get the 100m bike jump trophy. I tried the pyramid and it said like 120 meters or yards but I didn't get the trophy. Can someone tell me exactly where this or these jumps are? A picture of the map would be awesome if possible.

Also, is there a trick to the condor and coyote photo ops? I go in a plane for the condor and see all kinds of birds but no condor(I'm in the condor photo OP area). And the coyote I simply cant find it. Are they near anything in particular?

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Are you talking about a videogame or real life?

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@andreoni79 well he’s talking about getting a trophy for doing a jump off a pyramid so I hope he’s talking about a video game, not exactly clear though is it lol


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@andreoni79 @kyleforrester87 he's talking about the Crew 2.

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@kyleforrester87 🤣 I know, but what made me laugh reading that post is the lack of reference to videogames. You could copy and paste it in a forum about extreme sports and it would sound perfectly reasonable!

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If it is for the crew 2, he or she has already posted a separate topic for that game, which is against forum rulez.

We are now in a world of people being offended for other people who they think should be offended, who arent offended.

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I bunny hopped off a Toblerone once. Didn't get a trophy for it though.



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