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I bought Uncharted 3 years ago on disc and never got around to playing it. (I think I wanted to play it in 3D but the TV was always in use by other family members).

I recently read that the servers were going down for multiplayer and I know it probably wouldn't have included the DLC but I thought I'd add the 3 free add ons to my download list just in case.

Apart from adding 500 items to my download list groans, I noticed that one of the downloads is of the Single player at around 11GB. Does this mean you can just play the single player if you download one of the free "add-ons" from the store? That's very confusing if it's the case.

It doesn't really matter to me as I have it on disc anyway but I am just curious as to whether anybody else downloaded these free add on packs in the past and wound up with a discless single player component? I can't think why anybody would go to download a non descript "add on" without actually owning the game in the first place. Just seems odd and I wondered if anybody could shed some light on it...



@ralphdibny It was free with ps plus a few years ago. If you have ps plus and added it to your library or downloaded it previously, that might explain why you can download it for free.

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@JohnnyShoulder thats not it in my case! It was only added to my download list after I "purchased" the 3 add on packs for free. (One of which was 33gb - I suspect this includes the single player, 2d movies and 3d movies download)

Thanks for the reply anyway! I just wasn't a ps plus member back then!



Well it's finally downloaded and I can say that the single player works... Very weird but if there are any other rock dwellers that haven't bought it or got it free in the past, then you can get Uncharted 3 for free on ps3 by downloading the Uncharted 3 Add-ons from the PlayStation store.

Very very strange and I would still like to know the history behind it!



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