Topic: Trying to find a replacement laser drive for my PS3

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Hi, I'm having a difficult time finding the right replacement for the DVD drive in my PS3 Super Slim. I find Sony PS3 Super Slim Drive Deck Single Eye on eBay vendor sites with identifiers like CECH-4201B and KEM-495AAA. The number on mine (visible from the top, before removing the drive from the console) is SWDH51A S2 but I can't find any listed with that number except one old reference to an eBay listing that no longer exists. Numbers on label inside (visible after removing drive cover) don't get any hits on google. Vendor says the CECH-4201B will work. Other vendors say to make sure the part number matches the old one. I'm brick-walled on it! Would appreciate any info.



OK a few things

ONE you can't create multiple threads with exactly the same topic here, that would be viewed as spam and could get you banned so be careful in OK

and second and on topic would it not be easier to just buy a new PS3, you can easily transfer all your data over to a new system?, PS3's are quite cheap now a days

did you ever see a hurst go by and think that one day you're going die, they will stick you in a little box and cover you over with dirt and rocks


One. I didn't know my question was posted. It locked up for a time then raised the error "Error 503 Backend fetch failed" each of the several times I tried to post. It never displayed a successful completion.

Second. A replacement for the drive is very inexpensive and easy to install. Just trying to find the correct one. Why throw out the unit over an $18 part.



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