Topic: Trophies in Uncharted: Drake's Fortune not unlocking?

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It's really weird. I played though the game a few times but I never unlocked any. Can someone help?

By any chance did you buy the game used? I know if you buy some games second hand, you cannot earn trophies unless you clear all the save data. This option would come up the first time the game is used on a second device.

EDIT: Sorry, I had Vita on my mind and forgot about the PS3 versions haha. That's weird if you're playing the PS3 one (Uncharted 1) and never got any trophies yet. Maybe it was a patch and for some reason yours isn't patched?

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Do you mean Golden Abyss?

If so the yeah, clear all of the game data.

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After the trophies got patched in, you had to start a brand new game. It got patched for me mid story, so I didn't earn any trophies. I played it later and started to earn them. Did you try starting over?



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