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@DarkmarkUnited: Not unless there are some exclusives you want to play on PS3. But honestly most of the good exclusives like Journey, the Uncharted Series, The Last of Us etc have been remastered on the PS4 so you are better off just getting a PS4. Any multiplat games I am sure you have played on 360 already or can find cheap enough these days. Also with MS stopping production of the 360 I am sure Sony will probably follow suit with the PS3. In the long run you'd be better off just getting a PS4.

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@Tasuki That's why I have my Xbox One for, but I want to know because of the Xbox One Backwards Compatibility and so I don't have to pay 60 dollars a month.


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@DarkmarkUnited: The only 'real' advantage to a PS3 over a XB360 now is the 'free' online. If you own a PS4 and pay for PS+ then you get a couple more 'indies' per month free. Chances are Sony will end online support sooner for PS3 than for XB360 because of the Backwards Compatibility and cross play with XB1 owners. Sony has less reason to keep it open.
PS3's aren't that expensive anyway so it might be worth picking one up for the exclusives that haven't had a remaster (yet!).

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There's one very good reason to get a PS3 on 2016... Yakuza 5!!!!! seriously going through the game right and its awesome

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I would say get a PS3 they are cheap and you can pick up so many games which cost hardly anything. There are a lot of good exclusives for PS3 which you would have missed out on. Resistance series being one example you can pick up all three games for about £5. There are also the flash sales if you setup an north america account where you get super cheap games. I have both an PS3 and PS4. There are still so many games I never played on PS3 which I am picking up now. The online community has died for multi player games but if single player games are your thing then go for it.


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I am in the same boat. Looking to grab a ps3 for all the game that have not been remastered. Mainly the rpgs and some of the single player games.

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There are many great titles on PS3, but in all honesty, the store has become horrible at running speeds (shuts you out for no reason at times, and it's becoming incredibly slow), but if you can find many of the great titles for it (which many of them are going very cheap everywhere), then I'd say get it...but...for a little more, I'd get the PS4, as most of the great games for PS3 have arrived on PS4, and with the service, you can get to rent and play all of the PS3 games (just about all of them). Don't forget that the PS4 is still going, which means many of their IP's will be arriving on it very soon (Hot Shots Golf and others included). I'd upgrade to the PS4, but for someone who owned the PS3 and 360...yeah, I've kept the PS3 and played it more.


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