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Hey guys.

Since moving in with 'the wife' and sacrificing my surround sound system, I've been playing with only TV speakers of late. It's fine, but not great. I also now tend to game later on at night now too so the surround system would be impractical anyway.

So, I've set my sights on a headset; specifically the new Sony Pulse Wireless Headset. Have read some cracking reviews from across the pond (released in the UK on 14/11/12) and it looks thoroughly decent.

Anyway, while price comparing just now I see that the thing varies in price quite wildly, with some sites charging £140 for it. have it at an unbeatable pre-order price of £79.99, so, heads up for you there



I had the original Sony PlayStation headset and the new PULSE one as well. I'm mega picky with audio so I might be more harsh than others... This is based on well over 200 hours of use

The bass impact is awesome with most music
Versatility. I use it as a Vita, PS3, Droid Bionic, and PC headset and it works extremely well in all those applications. (note, they can be used without the battery on devices with the 3.5mm plug)
It looks cool in my opinion and it's fairly well built (heavy, doesn't look like cheap plastic)
The sound is very crisp. The bass isn't going to rock your world, but the entire spectrum high to low sounds well balanced
About 7 to 8 hour battery life when I use it at work. You can still use them while they are charging as well

Bass impact doesn't have a very good cross over (sometimes it things voices and other normal noises should be 'bass'). This means in a lot of situations it's best to keep it off
It's not extremely comfortable. I was able to wear my gen1 PlayStation headset my full 12 hour work shifts while these start to get a tad uncomfortable around 8 hours.
The built in equalizers are absolutely awful. I keep mine on game 24/7 because the rest are just awful
The 'simulated' 7.1 Isn't done very well. The PS3 won't give it a 7.1 channel feed to trans-code, instead it receives everything in stereo and just guesses where the audio is. It's not awful and generally does a good job, but it's still miles away from true 7.1

Overall, I really do recommend it. I've tried a ton of other headsets and never really found one that worked for me as an all around headset. I used to have multiple ones for multiple situations but was able to use the PULSE for all situations. I paid about $100 and feel that's a perfect price. $150 seems fair, but it would depend on how you plan to use it I guess.

As for the Gen1, sound was pretty good (noticeable worse than PULSE), it was comfortable, and battery life was about the same. I would not recommend this headset over the PULSE because it only works on comuters and PS3. Unless you find it for around $50 and only need a ps3 headset, stick with the PULSE. This headset also had a 'feature' that I hated so very very much. When playing games that support mic input, it will always feed your mic input through the headset for you to hear. I've looked everywhere and cannot find a way to disable this. It's a terrible terrible feature and completely ruined the headset for me in multiplayer games.

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The Pulse Headset is now up to £105 on Play and Amazon for pre-order.



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