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What are your Favorite Move Games or Games that you would def rather play using the Move Controller?

Mine would be- MAG -Always keep coming back to that game. Would play it no other way than with Move.
TW PGA 13 and Prostroke Golf.

What's yours?



I played most of Killzone 3 with the Sharpshooter set up, that worked well-even did OK on multiplayer with it, couldn't get it to gel well enough with MAG though.

Heavy Rain was a much better experience with Move.

House of the Dead: Overkill is fantastic but suffers from the ever present drift issue (as with pretty much all 'light gun' type games with Move) but has the select button set as a 'reset' cursor function which helps.

The little one loves EyePet which works well.

For me though, Sports Champions is still the best showcase for Move, with The Fight coming second. The Fight is a great game, ruined by terrible reviews by, what I would call lazy reviewers. I didn't help itself that the 1-1 input only really improves once you've played through the game a bit and improved your fighter.



Definitely the more you play with the Move the better you get at it, and then the harder it is to revert to the DualShock.

Playing games like bocce in Sports Champions is incredibly realistic. MAG the same way after a while.



Resistance 3, Killzone 3 and SOCOM4 in that order with the sharpshoter. All were great fun. And resistance 3 was truly fantastic.

RE5 is also good except you shoot with the Move button which is a little strange (so no sharpshooter), but it works well. Goldeneye works ok, but is a step down from the ones previously mentioned. Haven't played MAG as I am not big on multi-player.

My biggest disappointment to date (despite wanting more games) is that co-op is not supported with the Move for most games. RE5 did it, but you can't use the sharpshooter. Would love to get 2 Sharpshooters going in co-op. That would be awesome.

For non shooters I would say Heavy Rain and the Sports Champions games. Infamous 2 is supposed to work well, but I have never got around to it.

Personally I am looking forward to Beyond, Bioshock Infinite and the patch to Portal 2 which looks great. I have some hope for Dust514 and Star Trek which should come out in 2013. There was talk of Aliens Colonial Marines supporting it but that has gone cold recently. Would love to play it with the sharpshooter.

Haven't played one with Move for a while and would love to again. Need the right game though.

I agree with dmmp1234. Once you adjust to move ( and sharpshooter) the better it is and it becomes very hard to go back, especially for shooters. Trying to aim now with the dualshock just annoys me because it is so slow and inaccurate in comparison.

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Guys tvs that have the ability to dual play with full screen are compatible with games like sports champions 2 and so on?? I am thinking of buying one plz hlp:P



Guys tvs that have the ability to dual play with full screen are compatible with games like sports champions 2 and so on?? I am thinking of buying one plz hlp:P

Are you referring to SimulView (two players, each full screen).

To my knowledge, the only games that currently support SimulView are Gran Turismo 5, Killzone 3, MLB 12 The Show, Motorstorm Apocalypse, Motorstorm RC, and Super Stardust HD.

Awesome little feature that I wish more games would support.

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