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I hav tried every fix on youtube,nothing seems to work,I never have used a forum b 4,not comfortable w it at all,but I'm desperate plz help



@Iowa_pmp first off we need to know just what the problem is so can you give a full description of what's going on

but keep in mind we are not tech people here just gamers so we may not be able to help i'm afraid

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@Iowa_pmp You're a little vague with the information but I'll try my best here. I'm no expert, far from it but when I have had issues in the past i have reset the controller.

Turn off the controller if it isn't already. If you look at the back of the controller, the top right screw as per your viewing position, just below the R2 trigger has an extremely small hole next to it. Using a push pin or a paper clip push down the rest button in the hole for at least ten seconds to reset the DS4.

Now that's done, make sure the PS4 is powered on and attach the controller via the charge cable, push the little PS button in the middle of the DS4 and et voilá, your syncing issues should be a thing of the past. I hope.

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