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Hi. I'm increasingly leaning closer and closer toward buying a PSVR bundle soon. I was curious about cinematic mode, though.

  • Is the image quality OK? I mean, I'm not expecting super-high HD quality or anything, but I was curious if the image in the headset when playing games in cinematic mode was fuzzy... especially when the screen is set to large, so that it looks like you're sitting close-ish to a cinema screen.
  • Personally speaking, do you find that it makes games you play in that mode more involving, or is it just a cheap gimmick that you tired of quickly?
  • This is probably more of a general PSVR question, but how comfortable is the headset for people who wear glasses?

Thanks in advance.


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It's not great really. It does a good job of simulating a giant cinema screen (and it really is ENORMOUS) but the resolution of the headset means that you definitely take an image quality hit. Can you use it? Yes, absolutely — but I personally wouldn't bother.

The headset's pretty good with glasses.


@get2sammyb Thanks!

I guess I'll just have to see for myself how big of a hit the resolution really takes, and whether or not this is a sacrifice worth making.

Glad to hear it's good with glasses. A lot of VR headsets seem like they're not designed to accommodate glasses at all, which is disappointing for those of us with very imperfect vision.


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@MadAussieBloke Good idea. I play through P.T. at least twice a year. Cinema mode sounds like a good way to spice up my next playthrough!


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I'm not a big fan of it. It's a neat novelty though.
I played Spider-Man in Cinema mode for a couple of hours on the large screen and that was pretty cool. Graphics take a major hit though.

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Cinematic mode is a neat novelty, and you certainly have the sense you're in a theater. But resolution takes a hit. I have a pretty big TV, and I'm sitting relatively close, so I still prefer to play anything non VR on a regular screen. I'd imagine it would be neat for 3D films though, I haven't tried any, but I believe PSVR is compatible with 3D blu-rays.

@MadAussieBloke I believe that was false. People reported PT still being playable after the patch.



VR is amazing for games, you get a true sense of involvement and being "in" the experience.

Cinema mode however, that is a gimmick and I don't know anyone that actually uses it - it's not a reason to buy VR.

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@Ralizah Go buy it mate. For £200 with Astrobot and VR worlds you can't go wrong. If you live near Merseyside you can have a go on mine if u want?

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@themcnoisy That's quite kind of you. Unfortunately, I live quite literally an ocean away.

If I do pick it up, I'll be getting the one that comes with Astro Bot and Moss. I'd probably also pick up Tetris Effect while it's on sale. Actually, I'll probably pick up Tetris Effect regardless.

I'll also nab Resident Evil 7 once I trust myself not to hurl while playing it.

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@Ralizah I really hope you don’t experience motion sickness with VR, or are at least able to persevere and overcome it....because am I right in thinking you’re a big horror fan? RE7 in VR absolutely blew me away: it was amazing. And there’s some other good horror games for the PSVR worth checking out. I truly believe that VR and horror games (especially 1st person) is a perfect combination for a fan of the genre 👻😱👍

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@jacobia Yeah, I'm a huge survival horror fan, and I've partially been hanging back on RE7 in the hopes of playing it in VR. Although when I do get it, I'll play low-impact VR games like Tetris Effect and Astro Bot first to get used to the technology (and because I'm really looking forward to those games anyway).


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I really like cinematic mode for 3d Blu Rays. Image quality is less but it does feel like similar quality to a large theatre screen and the other great thing is the sound and the complete immersion. Bad for eating chips and dip with though, I keep missing my mouth.

As for glasses, you can wear them but there have been reports of lens getting scratched so be careful as Sony won't cover this under warranty.

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I'm looking forward to giving cinematic mode a try, i'm getting PS VR along with Astro Bot and the Wipeout Collection for crimbo, next week can't come soon enough, i'm so excited to finally try it out !



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