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Was able to snag the borderlands bundle during the sale in December but haven't had too much time to give it a good long session until this weekend. It is just nuts how awesome it is!! Every game I've tried so far has pretty much blown me away. I feel like this is something everyone should experience. Words can't express the feeling really.

The move controllers are so insanely accurate, I found myself opening my hands to see if my fingers would move in the game lol. The 3D is so much better than any TV based 3D I've seen before. The headset is light and comfortable and the sound is great with the headphones.

The first time my controller changed in the astro bot demo was wild. Leaning over walls in Moss feels like a looking into a living diorama. The cockpit view in Wipeout is so natural it's like you're ready to shoot some missiles. And on and on. And I have yet to scratch the surface with the library of games available. I feel like I moved a noticable step into the future and I want everyone else to experience the same feeling. Sorry for the long and mostly pointless post but yeah... I like my psvr.

tl;dr: Just got psvr and it the best thing I've seen in years, must recruit others, lol.



first off the thread title makes it sound like you don't like it

second i'm glad your enjoying it but your still not going to convince me to get one, it's expensive for one and for seconds i'm blind in one eye and VR has never really worked properly for me, it's like having a TV screen right up against my eye so the illusion is lost on me

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Welcome to the family, Son.

Play RE7 in VR & get Astro Bot.

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@Aplam It's truly outstanding. The first thing is that it works like a £5000 thousand pound piece of kit as crazy as that sounds. From playing in 2d to being full on in 3d is insane. The big wow moments for me have been flipping the controller upside down in statik to find a solution, staring in the mirror and moving my head as batman VR, being in the menu screen of VR worlds hitting the spheres and finally turning around and being waved to by a robot at the claw machine in the playroom. Everyone of those instances was as good as (if not better) than my favourite memories of the last 30 years gaming right up there with my first raid in Destiny and getting the crew together for Rocket League.

The big difficulty I have, is I am time limited so can't play it. But I've got Moss and Astrobot ready to go on Wednesday this week before life goes back to crazy and can't wait!

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@themcnoisy Yeah everything about the Playroom is amazing, probably better than Astrobot for me (and it was free!) and the first time descending into the Batcave was something I can still "feel"/remember. Even in the first main menu, stepping forward and peering off GCPD at the bustling city way below Ridiculous.



Yup, buy Astrobot and RE7. I like the Batman game also.

The PSVR is the best VR system on the market today.


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