Topic: What's your opinion on PS Plus discounts?

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@renankj I understand, but that's so situational, how often will that apply? I mean, having the option is always better than not having the option, but it's not a huge loss IMO.



@Octane First, they're not free, you need a subscription to access them. The reason to want the option to buy them is that they occasionally come along with a huge discount and you'd like access to the game even if you don't have a sub so you would like to buy the game. There is no reason not to offer this to customers, so it is a bit odd Sony do it this way, I assume it is an idiosyncrasy of the store since it was set up before Plus existed rather than intended.



@Dichotomy Yeah, but they're 'free' when you're subscribed though, that was what I meant. You already have access to them, so why buy it? But you made your point, and I agree that it's better if we had the option to buy them as well, I just wonder how many people are interested in this. And Tasuki has a point as well, they to be dependent on PS+ for your games.



@Octane Sorry if I seemed a little pedantic about the free thing, it is just one of my pet peeves

For the most part I don't think someone would or wouldn't stay subscribed because they could buy some of the subs games at a discount, especially now online play is tied to the service too. As I said it is probably more to do with how the store is set up, e.g. when you look at a game on the store it checks to see if you have a valid license for the game and if you do it offers you the option to download it, otherwise you get the option to buy it.



The discounts are lovely tbh. It's encouraged me to buy way more digital games and I'm missing the ease of them over discs.

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@renankj At the end of the day, it will depend on how many games you buy digitally. Most of the Discounts are only an 'extra' 10% for PS+ Subscribers so you only save an extra £1 or 2 Buying Ratchet and Clank saved me an extra £1.30 than the sale price for non-subscribers. An indie game that's say £2 in a sale would be £1.80 so you save an extra 20p by being a subscriber. Some big AAA games are not necessarily cheaper - even with PS+ extra discount so you may end up paying a bit more for your games digitally.

That being said, you would need to buy a good number of games over a year to get your £40 subscription back - let alone make it financially beneficial. However its the other perks, like free games for example that really makes up the bulk of the value.

Its worth looking at the PSN Store, see what games are offered in the sales, see what difference the PS+ price is and see if you think its worth it. I know the free games are subject to maintaining your Subscription but its still a 'bonus' and you can still play the games for years after if you keep up your subscription - they can't take away the experience or trophies. If you also buy a lot digitally, its all savings and adds up...

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Whether the discounts are worth it, really are on a person by person basis. I haven't bought anything extra on top of the membership so I don't get anything out of them.

The free games are nice to have, but there hasn't been one I was looking to buy then it came up as a free game.

X amount of free things with your membership sounds good though.



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