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My intention with this is to play games with you guys games that we got from PSN thats to Playstation Plus service.
I'm talking about matches and Online Co-Op between Push Square users
Anyways anyone can join in if it has the game this is not limited to PS+ users. : )
Few games we can play in the club games like: Guardian of Middle Earth, Foosball, Bioshock 2, Warhammer 40,000, Dungeon Defenders, Payday the Heist and more we just need to check our PS+ game collection list and pick one.
The games and time we are going to play can be determined by a quick poll here in this thread
Please post your PSN Users in the comments please and tell me if you guys like the idea.
Maybe if there's enough people we can even make a tournament

PS: I have every game since the announcement since the announcement of Instant game collection.

My User is "Epic-ZX

If there's a thread like this please notify me and I will delete it.

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PSN: Epic-ZX

PSN: Epic-ZX


Sure I'll join I've been a PS+ subscriber since it first started I don't have all the games in the + collection because they some of them just didn't interest me but I have a lot of them like the ones a mentioned uardian of Middle Earth, Foosball, Dungeon Defenders and a lot more so feel free to add me, I'm going to bed now so I won't (probably) be around till tomorrow morning.

My PSN Id is BlueRobotX

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