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Greetings guardians, just wondering how many of you still play Destiny regularly and what you are all thinking about it? I have been trying to get back into the game and must say I'm quite enjoying my time with it since Forsaken came out, feels like they've finally found their feet after the shambles that was year 1 for the most part.

Just looking to get in touch with similarly minded guardians who are looking to tackle endgame content, I used to raid quite a lot back in D1 but haven't really done much of it recently, it can be quite hard to fit in long standing Clans and such, as most people just tend to play with each other, so I'm looking for chill people to play this game and enjoy it, without the usual LFG/clan drama.

If this is the incorrect use of this sub forum I do apologies, I just see a lot of closed threads so I just wanted to say that

You and what army?

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I don't playanymore but @ypmud does. Also @mrobinsin [email protected] but I may be typing their psn handles rather than pushsquare usernames.

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@Its_badW0lf Hey, I am playing a fair amount still to be honest but mostly because I'm part of the best clan I've ever been in (no offence Push Square clan). They use an app called Band to chat, LFG for a variety of things and arrange raids every week. It's a good community and if you're looking for that time of thing let me know?

Ps. Last Wish and Scourge are fantastic raids!


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@mrobinson91 that sounds pretty chill, I’d be up for joining a club, but I’ve had bad experiences in the past with clans that were just looking for padding, made me go solo and eventually stop playing for a bit. But I would like to get back to raiding and trying out all the endgame content, maybe get back into speedrunning if people are up for it. But yeah, I’d be willing to get back into clans, with the right peeps.

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Hi Folks, seeing as there’s a small group of us getting back into Destiny in time for the upcoming expansion, is anyone interested in running the raids again? We’ll run through all the raids to experience them (in my case for the first time) so anyone with experience would be very welcome!


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