Topic: PS4 Pro jet engine - anyone tackled it?

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Sorry if this has been posted elsewhere but has anyone actually tackled the PS4/PS4 pro fan problem? Is it worth following YouTube vids to open it up and clean it out? It’s ridiculous. It’s currently on pause and it makes a racket. Will they sort this for the PS5? It’s so loud 😔

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I've tried cleaning it out a few times and it makes little to no difference from my experience.

It's stopped me from playing quite a few games now. Some major games are genuinely unplayable for me due to the noise it creates which is pretty terrible for a home console really.

One of my biggest hopes is that the PS5 doesn't suffer from these issues at all

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Alpine021 wrote:

It’s currently on pause and it makes a racket.

On some games, the fan will whirr loudest on the menus/pause screen because they often have unlocked frame rates compared to normal gameplay.



But it’s not like that new.... can I just replace the fan maybe? Guessing not. Even turning the sound up doesn’t work, lol. I mean I still enjoy games etc but it’s crazy loud. Must be some solution out there....



@Alpine021 Headphones is the only solution I found...

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I do have headphones which are great but I’ve also built up a good SONOS surround system so it’s a shame. I just shut it down now and the difference when it’s off is massive



@Alpine021 I recently was looking up how to clean out the inside and it didn’t look too hard (however mine is a vanilla PS4). But I started putting my external HDD beside the PS4 instead of on top of it, and I think the system is running cooler in comparison and is quieter. But the whole process of clean out didn’t seem too bad, but I was lazy so I’ll do it later. Many people do it monthly for maintenance. There is the whole thermal paste replacement that people swear by also. Might try that.

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@Alpine021 Make sure your PS4 pro is not pushed up against the wall.

I replaced my PS4 pro’s hard drive with an SSD. It’s slightly reduced the duration of the loud fan. But when the loud fan is on it is just as loud as it always has been.

In the PS4 pro’s menu it’s possible to cap resolution to 1080p. This will make some games look uglier but will remove the loud fan noise from some games.

Finally the PS4 slim doesn’t make anywhere near as much noise as the original PS4 or the PS4 pro. Of course the sacrifices is that the games are both ugly and perform worse.



I bought a small fan that I have pointed at my Pro that helps.

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People say about cleaning the dust out and making sure it's well ventilated which is good advice but I don't think that's what's causing the issue here anyway.

As soon as you turn it on to certain games and moments, the fan will start to overpower before it even has a chance to overheat.

It's just terrible design and hardware management.



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