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Hello friends,i need help. When i created my ps account i lived in uae and now i am i usa and have usa card. Now i want to change the card but it wont let me because i cant change country/region. How can i change? And is it even possible. I want to buy new games,but i cant add american cars. Please help

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Cant add american card. Please help



@andra921 I'm not entirely sure if you can even change the region of an existing account though you can start a new one. Depending on your settings you could make purchases on your new account, but still play them on your old one alongside your already purchased games.

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I know that you can't contact Sony customer service via chat anymore if let's say for example if you're using a US account but you've moved to another country. They're region blocked it. I know it was possible back during the PS3 days, though.

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