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    Review Battlefield 1

    Over the top

    As one of the deadliest conflicts in human history, World War I had a massive impact on the twentieth century. Not only did both sides suffer an absolutely horrific number of casualties, but the geo-political upheaval it caused planted seeds of division that would resonate throughout the century to come. With the "bad guys" of the...


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    Review Mirror's Edge Catalyst

    Good Faith

    When the first Mirror's Edge released in 2008, it performed so poorly on the sales front that it's really quite remarkable that Mirror's Edge Catalyst exists at all. While the original certainly had its fair share of issues, some gamers look back on it quite fondly – especially since there wasn't anything quite like it at the time,...


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    Review Star Wars Battlefront

    Yavin a good time

    With many excellent Star Wars games committed to gaming history, it's unfortunate that the last five years or so have been a bit of a disappointment. A trend towards mobile games and titles targeting a younger demographic has left many yearning for a Star Wars game that can stand alongside classics such as TIE Fighter, Knights of...


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    Review Battlefield 4

    'Til it goes click

    While narratives have never really been DICE's strong suit, Battlefield 4, the next entry in its popular series of shooters, at least takes things in the right direction. While Battlefield 3 delivered an incredibly boring campaign that bordered on dreadful at times, the new entry at least seems like it tried. The story is not...

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    Review Battlefield 4

    Boom! Shake, shake, shake the room

    Almost every event that you're a part of in Battlefield 4 is punctuated by some sort of demolition or explosion. Pursued by a helicopter? It'll blow up sooner or later. Running up a flight of stairs? They probably won't be there on the way back down. Need to get past an armoured vehicle? Better blast it to bits...


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    Review Battlefield 3

    Field of dreams

    Battlefield 3's single player campaign checks all the required boxes, but fails to better the offerings of its competitors. Multiplayer is where the game finds its purpose, offering a raw experience that's both technically outstanding and masterfully balanced. EA promised the world during the build-ip to Battlefield 3's release. It...


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    Review Battlefield: Bad Company 2

    Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is darker and more mature than its predecessor

    That's not to say it's without its own unique brand of goofiness though; the Bad Company are as ridiculous as ever. The plot revolves around a Japanese secret weapon that dates back to World War II, something which is detailed in a moody flashback mission. Fast-forwarding back...


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    Review Battlefield 1943

    A Playstation Store download, Battlefield 1943 is a complete competitive multiplayer first-person shooter experience based on the Battlefield franchise

    The game provides two factions (Japan vs. USA) and three maps set in the pacific. A fourth map will be unlocked when Playstation 3 owners garner 43 million kills co-operatively, a neat little...