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    Review Dragon's Crown Pro

    Allow this heart to beat again

    One of the best side-scrolling beat-'em-ups of the last decade is back, but not with a bang. Dragon's Crown Pro offers a welcome return to the beautifully drawn fantasy world of Hydeland, but those who have already sunk hours upon hours into Vanillaware's brilliantly old school romp -- either on PlayStation 3 or PS...


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    Review Rock of Ages II: Bigger and Boulder

    Boulder dash

    Rock of Ages II: Bigger and Boulder is one of those games that, on paper, sounds like it shouldn’t work. A sequel to 2011’s Rock of Ages on PlayStation 3, this title is a blend of tower defence and physics-based racing/platforming, all under an aesthetic that immediately brings to mind Terry Gilliam’s Monty Python animations. If...


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    PS Vita

    Review The Caligula Effect

    μ got a friend in me

    When a game features a story written by Persona veteran Tadashi Satomi it’s difficult not to get a bit hyped for it. The Caligula Effect is an ambitious sounding action role-playing game set in a high school with over 500 non-playable characters to befriend and a very unique battle system. Sadly, if you were hoping for a game...


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    Review Persona 5

    Steal yourself

    Persona 5 is a difficult game to review – not because of its quality or lack thereof, but because it's such an intricate release. It's a role-playing title made up of many different parts, and explaining each and every one of them in detail would take way too long. With that in mind, we'll try to be brief: Persona 5 is a Japanese...


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    Review Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir

    By Odin's beard

    Odin Sphere looked fantastic back on the PlayStation 2 when it released in 2007, but almost a decade later on PlayStation 4, it looks even better. A stunning side scrolling action role-playing game from Vanillaware, Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir is a superb remake that oozes quality. The care and attention that's been pumped into this...


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    PS Vita

    Review Persona 4 Dancing All Night

    A beary good time

    What a versatile bunch the Persona 4 gang are! Having already appeared in an RPG, a dungeon crawler, and a couple of fighting games, it's clear that they're willing to give anything a go. In their latest outing – Persona 4 Dancing All Night – they're probably furthest from their shadow bashing wheelhouse, but as luck would have...


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    Review Abyss Odyssey: Extended Dream Edition

    Life’s abyss and then you die

    As far as unrepresented settings in video games go, 19th Century Chile is right up near the top, so it's nice to see such an unexpected backdrop used in Abyss Odyssey: Extended Dream Edition. In this unconventional genre mash-up on PlayStation 4, you'll find a roguelike role-playing game that not only has a unique...

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    PS Vita

    Review Lost Dimension

    Trust issues

    With a doomsday timer set on the world, the villain known as The End summons 11 gifted members known as S.E.A.L.E.D. team to the Pillar – a mysterious structure that's appeared out of nowhere – in order to defeat him. However, he's planted traitors among the group. It's up to protagonist Sho Kasugai and his allies to determine who...


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    Review Citizens of Earth

    Recruit 'em all

    It's not every day that a developer fails to fund its game through Kickstarter, but still gets picked up by a publisher of legendary stature like Atlus. However, this is the exact route taken by Eden Industries with its SNES-inspired Citizens of Earth, which borrows heavily from Ape and HAL Laboratory's cult classic, EarthBound. With...


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    Review Rollers of the Realm

    They see me rollin'

    There are some unusual mash-ups of game genres out there that are either smashing successes or faltering failures. There are RPG third-person shooters like Mass Effect, hack-‘n’-slash action RPGs such as Darksiders II, and then there’s something like Destiny, an MMORPG open world first-person…well, you get the gist of...


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    Review Daylight

    Low battery life

    Daylight is the procedurally generated horror game from Zombie Studios, the indie outfit best known for free-to-play first-person shooter Blacklight Retribution. It has the distinction of being the first game released using the new – and largely impressive – Unreal Engine 4, making this an attractive proposition for visual...



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    Review Dragon's Crown

    Picture perfect

    Atlus has forged something of a rocky relationship with European gamers. It's hard to remember a time when its titles haven't been delayed for seemingly ridiculous periods before making the journey overseas – but thankfully, the Japanese publisher has somehow managed to deliver quality games over and over again. Developer...


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    Review Dragon's Crown

    Worthy of the crown

    It wasn't long ago now that Vanillaware released Muramasa Rebirth for the PlayStation Vita, and showed us exactly what it's capable of doing with an OLED screen. In an apparent effort to prove that it isn't done yet, the developer’s second game has already landed on the handheld in the form of Dragon's Crown. Though it may...


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    Review Persona 4 Arena

    Velvet boom

    Atlus has had to bear the brunt of much criticism from gamers due to its decision to region lock Persona 4 Arena, giving eager European fans no option but to wait a frankly preposterous length of time for the game to release. There’s no denying, however, the quality and brilliance of Arc System Works' take on the fantastic Japanese RPG...


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    Review Persona 4 Golden

    Vita's Golden Hand

    Persona 4 Golden is a stunning game that’s arguably the most essential release in the PlayStation Vita’s catalogue thus far. An upgrade of the already outstanding PlayStation 2 title, developer Atlus has extended the adventure with new content, characters, and story. This is the definitive version of an incredible RPG, and you...